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Sysygy Image Viewer 1.3

Sysygy Image Viewer will display your pictures in a 3D gallery
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Sysygy Image Viewer is a program that will display your pictures in a 3D gallery.
The program comes bundled with a separate utility, Sysygy Gallery Creator, that you need to use to create a picture set to be displayed using the Image Viewer. Once you have created your own picture set, you can apply it to any of the built-in galleries. The program will render your pictures as if they were hanging on the walls of that museum, and then you can start your visit.

You can move through the newly-created gallery using your mouse and the cursor movement keys. You can wander around freely, going upstairs and downstairs, moving back and forth. Some galleries include characters that will move around making comments while you watch the pictures. You will see a transcription of what they say. In the background, you will hear music that was assigned to that gallery, though you can change it with a playlist that you can easily create with this tool.

This program can also be used in Multi Viewer Mode. Thus, you can show your gallery to others, setting your computer as a server that will allow people from your LAN, or the Internet, to visit your gallery, and even interact with you by exchanging messages.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • The graphics are awesome
  • It is a nice way to show your pictures


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